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Dec 17, 2012 4:00pm PST
weekend for the new hobbit film. >> lord of the rings was a huge hit, now, numbers show the trilology might be bigger. it's opening weekend, the hobbit an unexpected journey took in $84.8 million, not only is that a better opening than all three lord of the rings movies but the biggest december opening ever. sarah drew in a couple other tv stars took sometime out of their weekend to hang oit with kids at childrens hospital in los angeles. it was a special winter wonderland setting oo. to be an a platform where i can promote organizations like this and charities like this, it's making this whole season worth it. >> new@]k÷ episodes return januy 10th. singer kelly clarkson made a big announcement this weekend, she's engaged her fee jauns yeah is the stepson of reba. she wrote i am so lucky, and with the greatest man, ever. and more good news from hollywood. this one about actor channing tate yu. he and his wife are expecting. this will be the couple's first child together, they have been married three years. and you can get more headlines on i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >
Dec 20, 2012 4:00pm PST
lords, threatening toçfnt seize properties if they toin allow marijuana sales. in violation of federal law. in court today, the assistant u.s. attorney said they can sell pop corn there, and candy there. but they cannot use the property for any illegal purpose. as a result, the land lords asking the judge to force the dispensaries to stop, immediately. the attorney for oakland landlord says his client feels shaez no choice. >> it's a serious issue. it's aphgÑ action she can lose e building. >> harborside rented the property six years, city officials feel the crack down comes too late in the game. oakland is taking the unprecedented step of suing, saying the feds have promised to leave dispensary as lone if obeying state, and local law autos they're trying to do is we're going to shut down dispensary. you patients? too bad. tough luck. do you believe this? too bad. >> it's not right. it's like taking away walgreens. i compare to it that. >> all sides praise the judge, the chief magistrate took all issues under advisement and in the meantime, harborside continues to operate. in the news
Dec 5, 2012 4:00pm PST
. thank the lord we're here to talk to you bit. it's a big tree. fell over my head. luckily one branch, the main trunk of the tree fell into our ward -- yard. >> no one in the home was hurt, other parts of the tree came to rest on the roof and second floor balcony. scott blames saturated ground for bringing the tree down. >> i have three kids them woke up and n.a stir. and we got them dressed and took them off to school. >> kids don't get a day off from school, however face the holidays in a hotel while repairs continue on their house. >> wind and rain being blamed for cancellations and night delays today, 18 inbound and outbound flights had to be cancelled. many others delayed. qm with your airline before arriving at the airport. >> stay with us for continuing storm watch coverage. remember, you can track the storm any time with live doppler 7 hd. you'll find that at abc 7 >> police in peed yont on the lookout for thieves targeting a boy scout christmas tree lot. >> workers noticed items missing from the lot late friday afternoon. someone climbed the fence, took wreaths, ga
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3